27 Facts About Me

27 Facts About Me

To start my blog, I am sharing 27 facts about me so you can get to know me better and expect what I will talk about on my blog.

  1. I am a 27 years old July baby. This is why I am sharing 27 facts. I may post something fun when I become 28.
  2. I love K-pop. Some of my favorite groups are X1, Seventeen, Red velvet, EXID, and Oh My Girl.
  3. This is not my first blog. I started my first blog on November 2015, and stopped on 2017 because my procrastination and getting into YouTube. Now, I start blogging again and move all my original followers to this site. Thank you for anyone still follow my blog.
  4. I have mild scoliosis. It is about 23 degree and not very noticeable. I am trying to do yoga to help my back pain and correct my posture.
  5. Cat is my most favorite animal. I will definitely get one when I have my own place.
  6. I like Asian makeup especially Korean and Japanese makeup. I like the color they use are more soft and neutral.
  7. I learnt volleyball and baseball from anime and manga. I honestly didn’t know any baseball rules before I read The Big Windup. It taught me a lot and rise my interest in baseball.
  8. My favorite sport is swimming but I cannot swim in the ocean. I am good at breaststroke and love swimming. I am afraid of the ocean because I feel lonely and lost in the ocean. I think I should try diving or swim in ocean more.
  9. My work and my habit makes me start having social anxiety. I work in a office that is 20 minutes walk from my home. It is a tiny place and our team is less than 15 people. I don’t go out often so it is rare for me to interact with stranger. Recently, I start feeling nervous and uncomfortable going out. I need to go out more.
  10. I am afraid of insects especially cockroaches, bees and spiders. It is why I use bleach to clean my home.
  11. Out of 27 years of my life, I only have my own room during my sophomore year in collage. Can you believe I am still sharing my room with my brother? But, he got a girlfriend recently so I think I will have my own room later.
  12. I love winter and snow. I want to stay in my cozy blanket drinking warm matcha latte rather than sweating under sun and get burnt. I get sunburn easily, and I hate sweating.
  13. I have combination dehydrated sensitive skin. I want to add acne-prone too, but I found a solution to fix my acne so I will keep that away.
  14. Some of my favorite clothing brands are Lazy Oafs, Uniqlo, Hollister, Vagabond Shoemaker, and Urban Outfitter. I will not tell you how much I spent on Lazy Oafs.
  15. Some of my favorite skincare brands are Zabana Essentials, Curology, Krave Beauty, Klairs, and ByWishtrend. I love 100%Pure coffee bean eye cream too.
  16. Some of my favorite makeup brands are Milk Makeup, Peach C, Colourpop, Canmake, and Glossier. I love Peach C blushes the most, but I think I own almost everything from Milk Makeup.
  17. Some of my favorite manga/anime are Haikyuu, Big Windup, Assassination Classroom, Fruit Basket, Uta No Prince-sama, and Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni kike. I am a big fan of Haikyuu, and I start watching Uta No Prince-sama again since they release a new movie.
  18. I love earrings but my piecing holes will get infection if I wear anything other than gold, so I can only wear ear clips. I am planing to get another pair of ear piecing hole. I am eyeing on some gold hoops.
  19. I have a Computer Engineer bachelor degree, but my current job is nothing related to it. I am working in a company who help healthcare provider to get money from insurance companies. This job helps me understand how insurance works, and I like the team.
  20. I meet two of my best friends from my junior year in college, and they both call Neha. It is fun to make them guess who I am talking to.
  21. I am 162cm tall, 28 inches waist, and US shoes size 8. I always think I can grow 5 cm taller if I fix my scoliosis problem.
  22. I hate the taste of alcohol. This is why I don’t drink them. They make me sleep too.
  23. My favorite colors are green, black, coral, and grey. I start liking pink again. Last time I like pink was my 4th grade. I remember I wore pink from head to toe. That was fun.
  24. I like Pusheen, Esther Bunny, Little Twin Stars, and Sumikko Gurashi Neko. I basically like all cat character except Hello Kitty since I read a horror story involving Hello Kitty.
  25. I read horror story and horror game-play, but I never like watching horror movie. I like psychological horror more.
  26. I have lost 30 lbs before. (from 150 lbs to 118 lbs) Now, I am 133 lbs. I am working out to hopefully get slim again. I have some pairs of jeans get tighten because I gain weight again.
  27. This is a new start of my blog. I want to take it easy and enjoyable. I don’t want to force myself to do something or to be someone. I want to simply share my life and things that bring me joy.

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