Wishtrend Revamp and BlackFriday Sale 2019

Wishtrend Revamp and BlackFriday Sale 2019

The first time I tried Korean skincare was 6 years ago when I was a college student. I watched some YouTube videos about how to clear acne, and I found out the Wishtrend website. I forgot what was the first items I bought from Wishtrend. I only remember I bought the acne set by ENCA and pore cleansing kit by Skinmiso. I have bought so many items from Wishtrend since brands they carry are effective and promising. I also tried their own brand – ByWishtrend and had good experience. I have been their customer for so long, and I am so happy to see them revamp their website and launches more products.

This year, Wishtrend makes the BlackFriday sale bigger and longer. Below is the flyer I got. I have my recommendation below as well if you not sure what to get.

Wishtrend always have brand packages and packages for different skin concern. It is a good way to save up, try new brand, and have people to decide skincare routine for you. I am the type like trying new products so I only stock up my most favorite items from Wishtrend during BlackFriday.

My 2 must have is the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence and ByWishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% Enhancing Sheet Mask. First of all, I love this sunscreen since it released. It is literally its name. It is airy and feel like an essence on skin. It doesn’t have white cast or makes my skin oily. I don’t use other sunscreen other than this now although I still try new sunscreen to see if they can beat this gem.

This ByWishtrend sheet mask is my most favorite sheet mask ever. My skin loves it. It always solve my skin problem like dryness, skin reaction, and dullness. I use it almost every week and as emergency. It makes my skin look brighter, softer, and healthier. The sheet itself fit my face size and shape too. I haven’t find any other mask that can replace it. I highly recommend you to try this. I also tried ByWishtrend vitamin C serum (both old and current version). It also help clearing my acne scars and dark marks too. On Wishtrend website, they have a set with these two products. It is a good way to try both.

I also recommend to try the Klairs Fundamental Watery Oil Drop, Eye Awakening Gel, and Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop. I already post a review for the eye gel in my blog (link) so I will talk about the watery oil drop. I just start using it last month, and I fall in love with it the first day I use it. I have combination skin so it is difficult for me to skin a good water-oil balance serum or moisturizer. Facial oil is too heavy for me and watery serum is not moisturizing enough for fall and winter. This watery oil drop is doing a great job hydrating and moisturizing my skin. I also like how it gives a natural glow to my skin. I use it as serum and an add-on for my skincare routine, but I think if you have oily skin, you maybe fine to use this as a moisturizer.

The Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop is a good anti-aging product to add on our skincare routine. It is watery and get absorbed quick. I like testing new items, and I always look for new serum to solve my different skin concern. Some of the serums don’t focus on anti-aging so it is so important to me to have an item that is dedicated to anti-aging and can work with other skincare item. This serum is exactly what I want. I also like how it help calming my skin redness and sensitivity. This one doesn’t go on sale easily so it is your chance to get it from this sale.

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